18 years


I can’t believe tomorrow I will be an adult, like is that allowed for a crazy girl like me to be allowed to be 18? I feel like it shouldn’t be.

It seems like just yesterday I was 16 and freaking out about my drivers test. Now thats been TWO YEARS! crazy!

This 18th year is going to be crazy (I’ve said crazy so much sorry)! anyway, this year I’ll be a college student, making new friends, going to school with my sister, the freshmen 15 will probably occur, I’ll hopefully meet Zac, living in Tacoma, working at a summer camp and much more cool stuff!
Thanks for all you people for making my 17th year awesome! 🙂



Its crazy to me to think in about a week how drastically different my life will be after that friday night when we all are in our caps and gowns ready to walk and get our diplomas. This next week will honestly be so much change in my life. 

My summer in Hockinson will be short until I come back in August. Some of you may know but I will be working this summer at a summer camp in Idaho. Soon after I graduate, that sunday I will be leaving and taking a flight to beautiful Coeur d’ Alene to immediately work there for the job as support staff. I’m so excited and so ready for a change in new location and just a new place for the summer.

As I was cleaning my room today I realized that change can be good and change can be sad. Good by the unexpected and something different. Sad by leaving behind some of the past and knowing something different is happening. As I think about this change thats about to happen in my life I couldn’t be happier and sad at the same time.

Change is occurring for us all maybe to the unknown or maybe to bigger and better things!

One month..

One month until we put on our caps and gowns

One month until we walk in the high school and return as alums 

One month until we aren’t hawks anymore

One month until we finish in the Hockinson community 

One month until we strut our stuff when we are getting our diploma

One month until we rock that carolina blue 

One month until we will say our final goodbyes

One month until we go our separate ways

One month until we throw up our caps

One month…

Stop saying the R word

Throughout these couple days I have found myself really disappointed in people and the things that they say. Words can hurt and you might think Oh I’m just joking around but it can have a bigger impact then you think.

I’m tired of hearing “That’s retarded”, don’t people realize you are putting people down when you say that? Those words that you are saying are basically disrespecting those people. There is an argument saying those words that are said are just slang and doesn’t have the true meaning of what they are actually saying. This one blog post made me think about it more and I think everyone should read it, the link is below.

Stop saying the R word.

Please read this blog post, this is how one women responds to the R word. As you can see it can be so hurtful.


Always try so hard to please others
Always never good enough
Always confused
Always left out
Always over thinking
Always smile throughout the good and bad
Always knowing better is yet to come
Always dreaming
Always knowing
Always thinking of memories that are finished
Always ready for what is next



I watched you ready to go

I’ve never felt so low

Packing up your things

The sadness I felt inside

I just wanted to hide

I didn’t want you to leave

I still couldn’t believe

The day had finally come

For you to move from me


Quote response #1

I saw this quote and thought this is so true

One is very crazy when in love.

                    -Sigmund Freud


I bet many of you know what to think of when you see this quote and l honestly feel like this quote is my life. I’m in love with someone I haven’t met yet, so sad but true. 

But, I feel like for any of you that are in love or in love with a celebrity (hehe), I feel like you are so invested in the person that you constantly want to know what they are doing or what they think about you. Which makes you crazy! But hey, since at this point in my life I’m in love with a celebrity it might be a little different then actually meeting the person your in love with. Dang I wish I could put emojis in my writing I would totally post the crying laughing emoji here! 

To all the people that are in love right now just keep being crazy! 

High School

Looking at the title your probably thinking oh no another “High School” post, probably going to talk about how we are almost done blah blah blah. But actually this is something different I wanted to write about. 

During this break I’ve been looking through the old yearbooks of our high school years and just looking back and really realizing high school really leaves you out of things. From not getting on a sports team or not being asked to a dance or simply just not feeling good enough because your aren’t invited to be apart of a certain group gathering. I know for myself I have felt all those things and being left out isn’t the best feeling. It makes me feel not good about myself and question everything about my true self. 

I’ve always thought going to a small school would have a benefit of everyone being close and including towards one another but I don’t feel that at all. 

I guess in life that the idea of not being included will always be around. It’s a hard thing for anyone for to process of the feeling of not good enough. But, I believe when we are young adults and going through the feeling of not being included it makes you wonder where you will feel like you are included. 

20 facts about me

1. I like Zac Efron, a lot

2. When I look at the sky I see Zac’s eyes

3. I play piano & guitar and sometimes sing

4. I hate running, but love eating

5. When I was little I had a dream about my mom having a cane

6. I’m Lutheran

7.  I’ve never had a boyfriend (besides Zac of course 😉 )

8. When I was little I wanted to be a fashion designer

9. I want to be a teacher

10. I played volleyball for two years

11. I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday

12. When I’m done with college I want to live somewhere warm

13. I like any type of food

14. I used to be vegan

15. I’ve been confirmed in the Lutheran church

16. I like watermelon

17. I’ve never been out of the United States

18. I can be really shy in class sometimes

19. I’m a pretty lazy person

20. I’m going to be a lute next year!