Christmas Tree

As we speak I’m sitting by a christmas tree and it just feels so cozy, the nice smell of the christmas tree and the bright shining lights I LOVE IT!

As I look at this tree I realize we have nothing on the top thats really sad, but we do have tons of ornaments. Every year we have this thing where we have a pickle ornament and a family member hides it and whoever finds it wins. When we were younger we used to get a prize but not anymore… sad day. Anyway I’m curious does anyone else do the pickle thing? Or have any traditions you have with your tree

It seems weird that every year we cut a tree down and put it in our house for a little while. Then that tree we dump out and it goes away with the rest of the garbage. We never see that tree again, the colors fade just like the memories. Treat your tree with love and care.

Enjoy it this holiday season, and all its greenness! 


(This post is all over the place I’m sorry)


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